Spencer's Super Practical Chevy Pickup

Simple top slider


USED FOR Handyperson Landscaping
TYPICAL JOBS tree service, fence service
MODEL 1990 Chevrolet C2500
BODY Full-Size Pickup, Extended Cab (Pickups)


Floor storage
Ceiling storage
Roof storage
Interior lights
Wired electric
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Urbana, IL USA

Spencer's Chevy pickup is set up for the handyman and contracting work that he does out of Urbana, IL. A lot of the work he does now is fence and tree service.

His truck is often coupled to a dump trailer, and you know how it is: We all have that need for a little more power!

So he recently started a flatbed build for his newly acquired Ford F350 pickup.

Spencer's Youtube channel is full of interesting content and might inspire you to do a little experimentation with your own truck!

He carries a lot of stuff on his truck:

My goal is to not to have to do a run to the hardware store for every freaking job, so the more I can carry with me, the more I can get done.

He points out that he does such a wide variety of work that he still needs to swap tools and load things out of his shop for some jobs.

My goal is to not to have to do a run to the hardware store for every freaking job, so the more I can carry with me, the more I can get done.

Bed Drawer and Bedslide System

Spencer's bed storage system is simple and clever. If you watch the build video, you'll see that he used an iterative process to build the system:

He starts with a flat, sliding surface that really improves his access to tools, then builds a more complicated setup. Everyone's build changes, so if you can try things out before spending tons of time and cash on a build, do it!

He planned the drawer build to be completed quickly so that he could get back to work.

There are two 8' long drawers on the bottom, and one sliding surface on the top that can carry large items.

He skinned the drawer bottoms and top slide using hardboard since it's both cheap and has a slick surface to make things slide easily. The hardboard rests on felt pads that make the sliding action even smoother.

The top slider is held in place with some angle iron runners that keep the slide from flipping when it's fully extended.

Does It Slide?

This system is great because it's cheap, simple, easy to put together, and slides easily. The sliding system doesn't require a lot of vertical or horizontal space to implement like a caster wheel or metal drawer slide.

However, he also says that he feels like the drawers are a bit heavy to pull when loaded with tools and gear.

Spencer's Super Practical Chevy Pickup
Spencer's Super Practical Chevy Pickup Image from metaspencer


He organizes his drawers by job type and tool priority with the most frequently used tools located in the front of each drawer.

Each drawer has simple screwed-in dividers that can be moved easily to change the organization.

Spencer was not fully convinced about how well battery powered tools would work, but he has about an even mix of corded and battery tools. Battery tech has improved over the years!

Among his tool bags and rolls, he has one just for hand saws.

Sturdy DIY Rack

The truck can carry lots of large items thanks to the DIY rack on the outside. He says:

Without a doubt, the roof rack is just essential on the truck.

He carries 2 stepladders and 2 extension ladders, plus a couple sets of traction boards. An expanded metal platform is convenient for hauling short items or as a standing platform.

He sometimes needs to drive on soft or muddy ground for tree and fence work, so the traction boards can be thrown under the tires to get a better grip with more surface area.

A 6" piece of PVC is also mounted to the roof and can hold long items like a pole saw for tree work.

Cab Storage

Spencer still needed more storage space, so his tools overflowed into the cab! These are mostly kits, such as:

  • Tile and concrete kit
  • Caulk bag
  • Drywall kit
  • Plumbing kit
  • Electrical fittings and fixtures go bag

In this Chevy, the tools are just hanging out in the extended part of of the cab. But in his F350 build, he removes the rear seats and puts in a shelf system.


Spencer runs a secondary, isolated, switched battery under the hood. This battery runs an inverter that he uses to power his battery charger.

Other Stuff

Spencer says he uses mostly PEX and hardly sweats copper anymore.

Some of his toolboxes have some handy rubber clasps. They are sturdy, easy to engage, and you can use them just about anywhere that you've broken a clasp off.

Check out more of his videos:

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