If you work in a skilled trade or own a skilled trade business, you're probably interested in increasing your productivity, efficiency, profitability, and happiness!

  • How can you think about your truck and its organization so that jobs are done more quickly?
  • How can you stay more comfortable on the job and save your back and knees?
  • How do you fit in one more job a day?
  • How do you keep employees enthusiastic for the next workday?

To answer some of these questions, you can rearrange things on a truck or spend a few bucks on organization. For others, you might just need to change how you think about work and efficiency.

Some businesses hit all the marks, but it's tough. At the core we write about things that will make you happier, whether that's as an employee or a business owner. We want to help you save your valuable time, keep your body in good health, and make you more money.