Jason's No-Climb Paint and Contracting Pickup

8' sheets


USED FOR Construction Painting
BODY Full-Size Pickup, Extended Cab (Pickups)


Floor storage
Ceiling storage
Roof storage
Interior lights
Wired electric
Stand inside?

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Long drawers keep you out of the van. more »
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Jason Daniel


Jason's No-Climb pickup is setup for home improvement work. He did a great job of setting up the full size truck so that it would be easy to access almost all tools and materials while standing outside the truck.

A utility cap with flip-up sides keeps his tools safe and dry. The flip-up doors hide shallow storage areas running the full length of the cap.

Left Side: Little Tools

The left side of the pickup's utility cap is set up to carry smaller tools, a drill/driver combo, a dremel, a nailer, and other tools. There are a couple of job-specific toolbags on this side, such as a painting bag and an electrical bag.

He made a couple of cool PVC pipe holsters for his drill and driver that make them easy to grab.

Right Side: Sticking Things Together

The other side of the truck's cap is for fasteners, tape, adhesives, caulk, and cleanup.

He mounted several Stanley FatMax bins to a rail on the wall that hold screws and nails. The neat thing about these bins is that they can be completely closed, dismounted from the rail, and carried onto the jobsite. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like they're available anymore.

A rack made out of 2x4s and dowels holds various rolls of tape that are easy to see.

He made some simple, DIY, PVC holders that allow adhesive and caulk tubes to snap on to the wall of the cap.

Jason's No-Climb Paint and Contracting Pickup
Jason's No-Climb Paint and Contracting Pickup Image from Jason Daniel

Tool Drawers

Jason built a drawer system with 8' long drawers!

One drawer store mostly miscellaneous larger items like shovels, a hammer drill, trash bags, brooms, and more.

The middle drawer is painting supplies only. It's long enough to fit painting poles. Even though he says he pretty much just throws stuff in it, it's still spacious enough to be able to see what's there.

The last drawer is divided into sections:

  • hand tools
  • layout tools
  • cutting tools
  • hammers
  • plumbing
  • electrical
  • some miscellaneous tools

Some of the sections slide on rails, making this drawer multilevel. Other section, like the plumbing and electrical boxes, are made to be removed and brought on the jobsite if necessary.

Sheet Storage

Full sheets of drywall and plywood can fit on top of the plywood box.

Level and Squares

Some slots with stops are handy for storing levels on one side of the truck. On the other side, Jason cut some notches so that his squares would slot down and be contained.

Big Sliding Shelf

Jason made a huge sliding shelf that rolls on some utility wheels. The wheels are mounted to contact the drawer at the top and bottom, which means Jason can remove pull the shelf out without having it flip out of the truck.

The shelf lets him store all kinds of large tools on the truck, like totes, table saw, miter saw, etc, and he finds that it's super strong.


A shore power socket coupled to a power strip lets him plug in an on board air compressor, battery charger, and whatever else he wants.

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