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Salida Residential Carpentry

Salida Residential Carpentry

Colorado Springs, CO USA

Archie is a residential carpenter in Colorado Springs, CO. His business, Salida Residential Carpentry creates all kinds of beautiful indoor and outdoor projects.

Small Space, Big Projects

Archie's carpentry trailer build is particularly inspiring because he's working out of a small space.

Many tradespeople that have their own businesses have a home shop or garage that takes up overflow from their work truck.

Not Archie!

He lives in a condo and has no shop, so all is work is done out of the small 5 1/2' x 5' x 10' trailer that he tows behind his pickup truck. This means he does all work on site!!

Archie has clearly been doing this a while, knows the tools that he needs, and has pared down his setup to the essentials.

Something Special

The first thing you'll notice about the trailer is that it's packed with tools, yet it doesn't feel like it would be hard to find something. Many tools are within eyesight, and the others have a logical arrangement.

This trailer is also quite small compared to many "construction workshop" trailers.

Most builders choose trailers that are at least 16' or 17' long. The smaller size that Archie uses enforces some minimalism in what he can carry and specialization in the types of jobs he can do.

Archie knows exactly where everything is, and rattles off tool locations, part numbers, and quick thoughts on tools he loves. Even within the Milwaukee Packouts and Festool Systainers, he knows what drawers and compartments contain and where they are.

This represents what everyone should be aiming for in their work truck layout: the craftsman being one with his tools. The trailer organization is never in the way of completing a job.

Archie's Tool-Packed Small Trailer
Archie's Tool-Packed Small Trailer Image from Salida Residential Carpentry

The Layout

The trailer is divided into a "front room" and a "rear room". The side cargo door opens into the front room, and it's possible to walk into this space.

A tool track spans the front and rear and holds many, many DeWalt and Milwaukee. They are easy to grab and it's easy to see what tools are there.

Front Room

Most of the smaller carpentry tools are located in the front room. The trailer can plug into the grid, and this means he can run the on board microwave, compressor, or 110V lights.

Besides the 110V lights, the trailer also has some 12V LEDs. Archie's adding some hidden LEDs to provide a little more illumination at hip height (most light setups only illuminate from the ceiling).

Milk crates mounted on the wall have semicircle cutouts so that it's easy to reach in and grab a required tool. Milk crates often look a little janky in a build, but the mounting and clean cutouts look very purposeful and crafted.

Rear Room

The front holds mostly smaller tools, while the rear holds mostly larger tools.

The rear room is not large enough to enter because tools are situated on the floor on and under a shelf/table. Here he keeps a DeWalt Flexvolt miter saw, 2 table saws, and other large tools.

The grid-fed battery charging station is located on the passenger wall.

Doors for Floppy

Floppy stuff goes on the front and rear cargo doors. This includes things like air hoses, extension cords, and extra layers.

If you think about the act of physically managing a 100' air compressor hose while entering and exiting the low-roof trailer, you can imagine that the bulk and swing would be slightly annoying to manage.

Door mounting is a great way to get to them without those few seconds of frustration.


The trailer is alarmed with a DeWalt mobile cellular lock. If the alarm isn't disabled, it makes an audible alarm noise and also calls Archie to notify him if the trailer has been broken into.

Seems like a great system and the notification is fast enough that Archie could be onsite very quickly.

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