NVS Electric's Residential Service Van

Cable window


USED FOR Electrical
TYPICAL JOBS residential
MODEL Ford Transit 250
BODY Full-Size Cargo Van
MILES 10,000


Floor storage

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NVS Electric LLC

NVS Electric LLC

Bothell, WA USA

NVS Electric provides residential electrical services in Bothell, WA. Their Ford Transit carries the inventory you'd expect for a typical residential electrician: lots of outlets, smoke detectors, breakers, boxes, and switches.

In terms of organization, like mostly goes with like: testers and lasers are in the same bag. Hammers go together and power tools go together. A combo of steel and DIY plywood shelves hold everything together.

One shelf has a smart design for holding wire:

The middle of the front panel on the shelf is cut out. This makes it easy to see what's on the shelf and makes it easy to grab.

They carry 4', 5', and 7' ladders. The 7' unfolds to become a longer extension ladder. The van doesn't have a ladder rack, but this van is a work in progress and they plan to put on on.

Some wood attached to the factory upfit points is a place to hang tool pouches and would be a great place to hang some other gear.

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