AJ's Ford Transit Construction Van

Mechanic boxes for construction


USED FOR Construction
MODEL 2019 Ford Transit 250
BODY Full-Size Cargo Van, Mid Roof


Floor storage
Ceiling storage
Roof storage
Interior lights
Stand inside?

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AJ Pasquariello

Boston, MA USA

AJ's 2019 Ford Transit van is set up for contracting work in Boston, MA. He's got a unique setup of mechanic's toolboxes, Milwaukee Packouts, and a few other organizer boxes.

Most to Least Used

AJ's van layout mimics how he works, keeping the most used tools accessible at the side door. He mostly uses the side cargo door for access since parallel parking in Boston means that he often doesn't have good access to open the rear cargo doors.

The first tools at the rear cargo door are his drill and driver mounted on a slab of wood. Next to them are two mechanic's toolboxes mounted to the bulkhead, one above the other. On both toolboxes, he's removed the lid so that the top of the toolbox acts as a shelf.

The toolboxes are filled with drill and driver bits, many tape measures, hand tools, and lots of measuring tools.

Stick It on the Bulkhead

AJ keeps a lot of little items on the bulkhead, which looks very convenient. Besides the toolboxes and drill/driver, a small fastener organizer, utility blade dispensers, and a Milwaukee battery charger are all mounted on the bulkhead wall.

He keeps a lot of spare batteries and also has a battery charger for AA, AAA, and 18650s.

AJ's Ford Transit Construction Van
AJ's Ford Transit 250 Construction Van Mechanic tool boxes and Milwaukee Packouts make up a large part of the organization in this van. Image from AJ Pasquariello

Tool Cubbies

Some Paulk-style tool cubbies sit against the driver side of the van and hold several electric tools. AJ has a mix of corded and battery-powered tools. Below the cubbies, a large mechanic's tool box is bolted to the floor. Its top surface is a catch-all, but could provide a small workspace in the van in a pinch. Each cubby and drawer is labeled so that it's easy to see what is where.

Outlets on Tools

AJ likes to put outlets on his larger corded tools (like his air compressor) so that he always has another outlet available. This won't work as well for large crews that use a lot of power tools that need a lot of amps, but it's perfect for a smaller biz where you only run one or two things at a time.

Rear Cargo Doors for Tall Stuff

At the rear cargo doors, a Little Giant multipurpose ladder and a short step ladder are bungied to unistrut that's screwed to the doors. Having ladders inside your van can save you time if you don't need to untie and take them off your roof. Having one short step ladder makes it easy to quickly carry on to the jobsite.

AJ also keeps daisy-chained extension cords, rope, and air hose at the rear doors and out of the way.

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