Tip #55: Use one collapsible ladder.

Use one collapsible ladder.
Use one collapsible ladder.

Got lots of ladders?

Use a collapsible ladder that can be a step ladder or an extension ladder. You will:

  • Save the time that it takes to put up and take down (including tying it off) a ladder on a roof rack.
  • Replace 2-4 ladders.
  • Won't need to go back to your truck for a different ladder.

The downside to a collapsible ladder is the weight, which can be fatiguing if you're carrying it or moving it constantly:

  • A 7' step/17' extended collapsible ladder weighs about 33 lbs.
  • A 6' fiberglass step ladder weighs about 22 lbs.
  • A 6' aluminum step ladder weighs about 15 lbs.

If you frequently need a shorty step ladder, grab a step stool and hang it on your door.

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