Speed Matters

March 5, 2022

Speed Matters
Richard's Handyman Tool Trailer Richard has altered his tool trailer multiple times to make his one-man handyman business faster and more profitable. He has gone fully cordless, revamps his trailer as needed, and uses an organizer tower in the front for small parts inventory. Image from Peak Contracting LLC

Some people take a "whatever" attitude towards how fast they work. They think that taking a long time is just part of their craft, or maybe that they just need to do their "8 hours".

But speed is important.

Figuring out how to work faster will give you more opportunities and make you more money.

If you need a little motivation for why you should figure out how to work faster, this article for you.

Work Fast, Not Hard

Working faster does not mean working harder.

It's about economy of movement and economy of thought: you don't spend time doing things or thinking about things that you shouldn't have to. You see, really, we're talking about maybe even working less hard because you've set up systems for yourself to make parts of your work faster and easier.

Sure, sometimes you need to work hard for periods of time. But if you're "working hard" all the time, you'll burn out.

Many of us value working hard and "being busy", but if you're working hard and being busy all the time, you aren't in control of your own time.

Life is short.

You should spend your available time on things that you want to do. (Being really good at your job can be something that you want to do!)

I Run a Business

If you run a trades business you know there is no shortage of customers out there. If more work gets done in a day, that means you make more profit.

As Michael K. says, "What can we do to make it faster, more convenient?"

Reducing "down" time by having a well-stocked truck, creating an efficient working methodology, and supporting your employees maybe means you can do one more more job that day and make more money.

If you've got employees in the field, remember that they are a great source of information and ideas for how you can run the business more efficiently.

I Work for Someone

If you work for someone else, your motivation to do more jobs in a day might be pretty low - you work hard enough already!

Sometimes you end up working with others that are pretty bitter about working for "the man" and this can rub off on you in bad way. They will call you "try-hard" and tell you to slow down, but don't listen to them.

Why not?

Being fast and good at your job isn't necessarily about doing more work for your employer, it's about reducing your stress levels, creating your own time, and creating opportunities for yourself.

If you're an employee, you should be faster so you can:

  • Be good at what you do.
  • Reduce the strain on your body.
  • Finish your day a little earlier.
  • Get some extra minutes of rest during the day.
  • Ask for a raise because you have consistently high output.
  • Put yourself in a position that you can be promoted to supervisor roles (so you aren't beating up your body when you're 60).

If you can't get one of the above benefits at your job by being better and faster, and your job is just a meat grinder, switch it up. Some people switch their jobs. Some people start over in a new trade.

You may be surprised to learn that moving to another trade or another state could be worth tens of thousands of dollars.

Be Fast for You

We don't like the idea that you should work hard just for the sake of work. That's a toxic attitude that a lot of us seem to have, like we aren't worth anything unless we're busting ass every single day.

But you should work fast:

There are some things you just can't control on the job, but you have a lot of control over how you organize your tools and inventory, what inventory you keep, and maybe even the types of jobs that you do.

By working faster and more efficiently, you create more time for yourself, time that you control.

That's why speed matters.

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