The Roomy Install Box Truck of Marr's HVAC

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Build shelves on a tilt to retain items like caulk tubes. more »
Use identical builds so anyone can find anything. more »
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Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning

Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning

Bellingham, WA USA

Marr's HVAC dedicates 2 box trucks to their installation services in Bellingham, WA.

The started with a 12' long box truck, figured out what they wanted, and mocked it up in a CAD drawing. Not everyone uses CAD in their builds, but it sure is helpful when you need to fit certain pieces of gear or materials.

Their truck is a great example of what you can build when you're thoughtful about your layout.

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Dupe It

Marr's other installation truck has a duplicate build, which means that anyone can take either truck and know exactly where everything is.

Many businesses give each employee their own truck and let them outfit it however they want. But it's probably true that this individualism means that some employees have very efficient setups and some have very inefficient setups.

On Wheels

A wheeled Milwaukee cart is positioned at the back of the truck and holds the typical bulky tools needed for HVAC installs. 16 Milwaukee Packouts filled with tools and supplies stack on the cart (no, not all at once!), making it easy to get stuff on the job quickly and painlessly.

Packouts are labeled with their contents so that anyone can see what's in them without pulling them out.

The Roomy Install Box Truck of Marr's HVAC
The Roomy Install Box Truck of Marr's HVAC Image from Marr's Heating and Air Conditioning

Quick Meals and Coffee

A Milwaukee microwave (haha, no, it's just red) sits in the front of the truck and saves the installers time since they can reheat food and hot beverages. This truck has no complicated grid setup like some trucks, so there's only a single cord to plug in the microwave.

Clean on the Job

Keeping the jobsite clean is clearly a priority for Marr's.

They've got boot covers, gloves, and paper towels easily accessible at the back of the truck. A few dropcloths keep customers' floors clean, dry, and protected. It's easy to keep the jobsite clean with some booties!

The installers also have coveralls and rain gear at their disposal to keep them clean and dry.

A garbage bucket hangs at the rear of the truck, which means they aren't leaving piles of trash on the floor. In this location, it's easy to toss in trash or remove the bucket for dumping.

Special Touches

Shelves and racks are tilted for holding bottles, the Packouts, toolbags, and materials. Tie-downs are only used on gas bottles, so the installation crew saves lots of tiny-frustration seconds every day by being able to simply grab the correct bag or Packout.

Each installer has a dedicated spot for their individual toolbags on a tilted shelf, plus individual flaring toolkits. Other tools and toolkits are shared.

The translucent roof lets in a lot of light. This is great during the day, but they also added LED rope lights around the inside of the cargo area for dark mornings and evenings.

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